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Making Messy Eaters Even Cuter

You might not think it’s possible for your little one to look any cuter when they’re eating, but what if you could get them to leave the world of messy eating behind in an instant?


SnapNapz leaves messy eating behind thanks to a simple idea that snaps to the wrist so that little ones can be independent, and parents can rest and relax. With reusable material that’s ethically made and machine washable, we’re offering an eco-friendly paper towel alternative and stop buying the disposable wipes you never seem to sit down to eat without. Add SnapNapz to the kids essentials list. Definitely a new moms must haves.


From the moment a SnapNap lands on your messy little eater’s wrist, you’ll see their eyes light up and that cute little smile going from ear to ear. Snap it to their wrist, snap it to the diaper bag when you’re done, and slide it off the snapper when you need a lap napkin.


When you want to say goodbye to the mess, it all starts with a snap.

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  • Made from 100% cotton that sits gently against your little one’s skin
  • Snaps to any cute little wrist in an instant to make messy eating a distant memory
  • Reusable, eco-friendly alternative to the disposable wipes every parent carries
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