SnapNapz Has Eliminated the Messy Eater!

We created SnapNapz to easily catch drips and drools from staining clothes and any mess from arms to ears. The age old napkin has just been reinvented, simply snap it on your wrist to wipe away dirt, food or drink. SnapNapz "patent pending" design uses durable and absorbent material that is machine washable. Our goal is to provide an eco-friendly alternative to wipes and napkins; decreasing single use material from piling up in landfills. Snap it on your diaper bag, purse or stroller for on the go cleanliness. At the restaurant, slip off the bracelet and have a lap napkin. Wash after wash, SnapNapz will be there to keep kids spotless! 



Multiple Uses!

Perfect for an on the go napkin! Place around diaper bag, stroller, purse for any outing!

Removable bracelet allows children to place napkin on lap while at home or at restaurants

Wear as a napkin bracelet – keeping sleeves and arms clean!!

Eco-friendly - Wash and reuse – no more wipes thrown into landfills

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