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Our Story

When our little monster was busy enjoying his spaghetti like he always did, we soon realized just how many evenings of mouth wiping we had ahead of us. It was cute and we loved it, but we also wanted to give him something that would make him smile and allow him to learn how to do it himself. That cute little forearm had always been his go-to, but we knew there had to be a better way.


When we started thinking it soon became obvious: we needed a napkin that never left his side. We starting bouncing around ideas, decided to make it reusable, and figured the best place to put it would be right there on his little forearm. All we needed was a simple way to attach it…


After hours and hours it came to us: we could just snap it straight on! He loved it, our 4-year-old loved it, and every other little one seemed to love it. In that moment SnapNapz was born, and we’ve never looked back since.